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Who we are


We are an innovative mobile advertising channel, based on the smart content delivery system.

We have created a unique solution, which enables to interact efficiently, engage, inform and learn behavioral models of target audience through Wi-Fi.

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What we offer

For Partners

Open all range of possibilities of your Wi-Fi network. Communicate with your guests in an unusual way. Promote new menu, invite them to the events or get feedback instantly. Get free opportunity to call your guests back for more. Welcome to WIFI BAR Family!

how it works

For Advertisers

Becoming our client you will get a unique key to solvent audience. Moreover, you will get an opportunity to engage your customers in a non-standard way. Unlike others, all your ads will appear at the right time in the right place. While others only think about it, our clients increase loyalty and sales right now.

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How it works


User connects to WIFI free network in any of our partner locations.


First of all user faces the automatically opened welcome location page with "accept and continue" button that should be pressed for WIFI access.


After that user views an advertising content over 6-9 sec. Exactly at this moment brand ads get 100% engagement, 100% share of voice, 100% viewability rate and proven CTR over 7%. Not bad, really?

Suitable for all industries

How it looks

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Your brand page will contain
the main part and background.

You can use your own design
or entrust it to our creative team.

Your content can be represented in static,
slider, animation or video format.

We guarantee that your ad will be
suitable for all devices.

what you get

  • Your audience will be targeted for your business
  • .

  • Your ad will be absolutely relevant
  • .

  • Your brand will be always timely
  • .

  • Your ad will be supported by powered analytics
  • .

  • Your brand will become a lovemark

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Get WIFI BAR to understand customers better and to promote your brand clever

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