Understand customers better,
promote your brand clever, like never before.


We are an innovative mobile advertising channel, based on the smart content delivery system.
We create & set Indoor Digital ads in the best Kyiv HoReCa locations.
Our targeting sys allows us to show brand-content exclusively to your audience, excepting bots or fake traffic.
Certainly, you can use different promotions, but you can also be at the right time in the right place.
Of course if you're with us. So, join!

How it works


User connects to WIFI free network in any of our partner locations.


First of all user faces the automatically opened welcome location page with "accept and continue" button that should be pressed for WIFI access.


After that user views an advertising content over 6-9 sec. Exactly at this moment brand ads get 100% engagement, 100% share of voice, 100% viewability rate and proven CTR over 7%. Not bad, really?

In the best venues

Our clients

Our targeting

  • by location
  • .
  • by device price
  • .
  • by time
  • .
  • by OS
  • .
  • by users
  • .
  • by device

Powerful Analytics

Get incredibly precise user profiles!

Check your audience 24/7

Get your personal assistant to create an actual content

View over 10 types of statistical reports.

Enhance customer engagement and increase loyalty

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