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If you are a restaurateur, or a public place owner you cannot ignore that your own location is the best promotional platform.

Cause you are working with a priori loyal audience – your guests.

So, transform your Wi-Fi into an effective communication channel via WIFI BAR and call your guests back for more.

Our benefits

Cooperating with WIFI BAR you can be sure

  • Your guests will receive an excellent Wi-Fi
  • Your specials will always be well-timed
  • You can always get any guest’s opinion
  • Your events will be most visited
  • Your restaurant will become a favorite place
  • Your ad will be supported by powered analytics

Powerful Analytics

Use all possibilities of Wi-Fi network call your guests back for more!

Check your audience 24/7

Get your personal assistant to create an actual content

View over 10 types of statistical reports.

Get more customer engagement in an unusual effective way

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